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I've noticed that my screenshots (those hosted on had stopped working. It seems to me that the website changed the URL format of the pictures, so the thumbnails no longer work and refer to links that are not working. However I've found two ways to make the pictures work:


Here's an example of a thumbnail that's not working anymore:


Method A:

  • right-click the thumbnail -> copy link address
  • original URL:
  • rename to:
  • Suddenly it works again!!

Method B:

  • right-click the thumbnail -> copy image address
  • original URL:
  • rename to:
  • Suddenly it works again!!

It's just another issue with the screenshots and I'm sorry for that. The older screens from should work normally as long as the pictures are still hosted on the website and haven't been deleted yet, as well as my newest uploads on In case I'm adding a source to a show I already have, I might be re-uploading the screenshots that are not working on that page.



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I may agree to a trade if I have time for it or if it's interesting enough for me or if it's something that would not consume a lot of my time. I'm not actively spending time on trading anymore. With that being said, it's always worth a try to contact me, one never knows.

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