Site Improvements



"TRANSFER LIST" information in the works for old bootlegs.  Example 

This list will not be included in case the specific bootleg is available in one version; but will be included in case if there's something worth noting!



"ADDED TO COLLECTION" date added to the infopages. It will be used for new additions, I may try to add this information to older bootlegs as well, even though it may be hard to find the exact date in lot of cases. This is the first infopage that contains this information, I was not able to find the exact dates for all sources yet.

You may find this information in some infopages here and there from now on. When it's (or even if it's going to be) all done, I'll mention that here.



*NFT* tag removed from the list of tags. NFT bootlegs are now highlighted in orange in the lists.



*4K* tag added to the list of tags. I've already had one 4K recording in my collection, and I'm expecting some more will eventually be added in the future, since a lot of people now record 4K videos.

Deleted Stuff page was deleted. No exact reason for having the page anymore, the list was never complete anyway..

Report an issue page was deleted. No need for this page at all, I don't think anybody used it once..



Fastpic doesn't allow to upload pictures anymore from Slovakia, so I had to change the upload server to Let's see how long they can keep the files up.. :)



Wanted List page was deleted. There was no reason for its existence anymore.. I'm interested in everything that I don't have.



All bootleg lists have been changed to a new layout, which I've been working on for a while. I think it looks much better and it is easier to find the exact source that you are looking for. 2015.08.28: "New Additions" page deleted. New additions are newly highlighted with green in all lists.



I'm working on upgrading all my bootlegs lists. DVDs, Audios, Other Bands, Masters.. You can see the progress on a temporary page called "*testpage*"



VCD section deleted! While I'll probably keep that stuff on my computer, VCD materials are not for trading, and I doubt someone can be interested in them.



New look for the site! I used just one big picture for the background and also the same one for the banner. I think it looks much more beautiful.



Okay, it's been a long time since any update on this site. Unfortunately, it's hard to have a passion for trading when the band's not touring and there aren't new bootlegs if you don't count YouTube videos which are usually hard to get since the uploaders don't care about someone like me. I'm not inactive, you can still contact me if you have ANYTHING that I don't, but there won't be many uptades on the site. But I can promise, that if I find something new, I would do my best to try to get it...

UPDATE - Wanted List



Upgraded page: List of Tags

*New VCD tags were added, because I'm finally starting to make a new VCD list.



Problems with screenshots

If you find an infopage with screenshots, that are not working, let me now. All the screenshots are uploaded on, a very good hosting for pictures, however, the screenshots can't last there forever. I'm always trying to update all of them.



The tags now have their own section, and you won't find the in any bootleg lists anymore...

List of Tags



LAST UPDATE: 2015.06.05

I'm trying to add more graphics to my infopages. I think it will look better.


I already done these:

  • I'll put them to it's sections
  • The SOAD Black&White one will be used for 1997-2000 + Other (specials, documentaries...) DVD bootlegs
  • The SOAD Purple one will be used for 2001-2006 DVD bootlegs
  • The SOAD Green one will be used for 2011 and newer DVD bootlegs
  • Serj Tankian and Scars On Broadway have their own graphics
  • Audio Section has it's own graphics - one for my notes, and one for the taper notes
  • EXAMPLE (Find Source 2)
  • ALL System of a Down DVD infopages were upgraded
  • Scars On Broadway infopages were upgraded
  • Serj Tankian infopages were upgraded
  • All of the new audio infopages are featuring this graphics
  • Special graphics for CRASH's MASTERS