2000.01.29 - Denver, CO - Fillmore Auditorium
(Sno-Core 2000)
NTSC DVD|2,32 GB It's the same source as the one with the MTV2 logo. Someone just slapped a SOAD logo over it. So technically it is a real DVD, but basically the same one as the other source.
2000.07.08 - Sparta, KY - Kentucky Speedway
(Summer Sanitarium)
NTSC DVD|1,61 GB VCD-sourced. There is a possibility of just a bad transfer, but it's highly unlikely since this show is followed by a 60-second VCD-sourced clip from Lowlands 2001, in which you can find an urbanchaos.com tag.
2002.03.05 - Coimbra, Portugal - Pavillon O.A.F. PAL DVD|4,25 GB Über-shit quality. Although the recording is very bad, I don't believe for a second that this is the real DVD. At least the video quality should be a little better than this I'm sure... The disc features a lot of other stuff, which is definitely VCD-sourced as well, since there usually is a watermark/tag of the site that provided the rip.
2002.05.19 - Nurburgring, Germany - Rock AM Ring PAL DVD|2,23 GB Not a bad quality at all, but this DVD is slightly damaged, freezes during Deer Dance and DDevil. On some players, you can see a weird picture of something during the freezes, it's hard to describe, so something's not right obviously. Plus, this features an official material in form of Toxicity's Bonus DVD. Many people list it because there is nothing better at this point unfortunately.