2011.09.02 - Beirut, Lebanon - Beirut Rock Festival

Serj Tankian

Recorded vertically. I got this directly from the taper. Trade available only for RARE System stuff. I lost this show a while ago when I was moving from one computer to another.. Since the pre-Google+ YouTube messages were deleted, I can't find the taper..


  • Format: MOV
  • Size: 816 MB
  • Chapters: No
  • Menu: No
  • Type: Handcam Right
  • Lenght: 00:10:38
  • Resolution: 1280:720
  • Video Quality: A-
  • Audio Quality: A-


  1. Lie Lie Lie (cut)
  2. Baby (cut)
  3. Beethoven's Cunt (cut)
  4. Empty Walls (cut)