1996.09.02 - Los Angeles, CA - Dragonfly




  • Format: FLAC
  • Size: 154 MB
  • Bitrate: 650|735 kb/s
  • Type: Amateur Recording
  • Length: 00:31:38
  • Taper: Mike Butler
  • Quality: A-

Ontronik "Andy" Khachaturian still on drums during this period.

The Show:
Slo - Burn (John Garcia- Kyuss)
System Of A Down
Spank (Pre Ultraspank)

Uncirculated master dat

Recording Equipment - Mike Butler AKA BouldernBun AKA Highdesert
Sony D7 - Sony ECM 959A - Recorded at 16/48K
10 feet from the stage center

Tascam DA 40 > Creative X-Fi Xtreme> PC> Sound Forge - adjust volume - resampled to 44.1 > Traders Little Helper

Comments: This was a GREAT night of rock and roll. To my knowledge this has remained uncirculated. There is no note of a tape on etree or the old System live tape page. Only two people ever received a copy of the show and that was the original 1996 transfer from vastly inferior equipment. The only problem with this tape is "War". I got caught up in the mosh pit and the microphone was disconnected. The upside of that is I had the presence of mind to notice and the tape is only 30 seconds from being complete rather than the almost total loss it could have been. This is a remarkable document of a band on the verge of exploding on the worldwide scene. This is a virtually raw upload. A little EQ will go a LONG way with this one. PLUS! Mike deadpanning to Gary after Peephole "Nothing like a little polka.." A seriously good time period tape/show. Have fun and enjoy!


  1. Soil
  2. Know
  3. War? (cut)
  4. Temper
  5. Honey
  6. Peephole
  7. Sugar
  8. 36
  9. Metro
  10. Suite-Pee