1998.05.27 - Tempe, AZ - Club Rio

This is the best version that you can get. It's still gets dark in the sixth minute though. I had to re-author it first, because I received an uncomplete DVD which was not burnable. You can find multiple other versions of this. They are either dark or just horrible looking.


  • Format: VOB
  • TV System: NTSC
  • Size: 1,47 GB
  • Chapters: No
  • Menu: No
  • Type: Handcam Right
  • Length: 00:23:47
  • Resolution: 720:540
  • Video Quality: B+
  • Audio Quality: B+


  1. Suite-Pee
  2. X
  3. Know
  4. P.L.U.C.K
  5. DDevil
  6. Mind
  7. War?
  8. Darts


This is the list of all versions of this very same recording, at least to my knowledge. Old recordings might have multiple versions (transfers), since they've been reproduced multiple times and the transfers may have been done from different tapes. This not only serves as a help for me, but hopefully for other traders as well.
Transfer 1 3,61 GB|1 in the past +1999.01.22 in bad quality; horrible quality (multi-generation copy)
Transfer 2 1,55 GB in the past better quality, but it gets really dark after few minutes
Transfer 3 1,47 GB yes (upgraded) ▲ see above ▲
Transfer 4 1,65 GB no looks good, but another darker source unfortunately

|1 combined size of both bootlegs (the size of the whole DVD)