2005.05.28 - Madrid, Spain - Festimad

This is a very strange bootleg. I originally received 2 VOB files without any other files which I'm still trying to properly author.. So far I haven't been successful at creating a complete DVD with no quality loss or any encoding change. If you want to trade for this, I can offer the 2 VOB files or a proper DVD with a slightly worse image (but with pretty much the same specs and the very same size). It needs to be said, that the difference is very little, however I don't want to list anything that has been edited by me with any quality change. I've been successful in many cases, this is not the one of them yet..

Most of the traders list the 2 VOB version instead of the proper DVD, which has never got into circulation. The screenshots are from the 2 VOB version, which is the version I'm officially listing currently.

 vlcsnap-2017-08-01-00h38m28s114 vlcsnap-2017-08-01-00h38m43s8 vlcsnap-2017-08-01-00h40m13s113

  • Format: VOB
  • TV System: NTSC
  • Size: 1,57 GB
  • Chapters: Yes
  • Menu: No
  • Type: Handcam Center
  • Lenght: 00:35:38
  • Resolution: 720:540
  • Video Quality: B
  • Audio Quality: A-


  1. Soldier Side - Intro
  2. B.Y.O.B. (2 cuts)
  3. Revenga (cut)
  4. Science (cut)
  5. Suggestions (cut)
  6. Psycho (2 cuts)
  7. Chop Suey! (3 cuts)
  8. Cigaro (cut)
  9. Mr. Jack (3 cuts)
  10. Needles (cut)
  11. Deer Dance (2 cuts)
  12. Aerials (feat. Ben Weinman) (2 cuts)
  13. Bounce (cut)
  14. A.T.W.A. (2 cuts)
  15. Forest (cut)
  16. Lost In Hollywood (2 cuts)
  17. War? (2 cuts)
  18. Prison Song (2 cuts)
  19. Roulette (cut)
  20. Toxicity (3 cuts)
  21. Suite-Pee
  22. Everything She Wants (cut)
  23. Sugar (2 cuts)