2011.05.25 - Irvine, CA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre


There are multiple things that I have to say about this recording first. Number one: the recording is really shaky, but it's still pretty watchable since there is a really good sound. Number two, and this is more important: This recording consist of 7 master files. I guess the camera that was used for this was automatically splitting the recording to 2 GB files, since everything was recorded without any break between the files. The worse part of this is, that the final seventh file is not actually a master file anymore, since I received it in ASF format with a much lower bitrate. I was told, that the file "was converted to that by the taper and no MTS file is available". I don't know the reason behind it, and I find it strange, but since the last file is only 4 minutes long and it contains just Sartarabad and Sugar, it's not bugging me that much. It depends on you, if you would be interested in this file or not, but I felt like I had to warn you about this beforehand, to make things clear.

There is a 2DVD version of this show in the circulation. I should still have it stored somewhere, so if you don't have one of the two bootlegs listed on the top of this page and you're still interested in the recording, we can trade with that. :)


  • Format: MTS|ASF
  • Size: 11,4 GB|228 MB
  • Chapters: No
  • Menu: No
  • Type: Handcam Left
  • Lenght: 01:38:24|00:03:45
  • Resolution: 1920:1080
  • Video Quality: A-
  • Audio Quality: A-


  1. Prison Song
  2. B.Y.O.B.
  3. Know
  4. Needles
  5. Deer Dance
  6. Attack
  7. Radio/Video
  8. Hypnotize
  9. Question!
  10. Suggestions
  11. Psycho
  12. Chop Suey!
  13. Lonely Day
  14. Soldier Side - Intro
  15. Soldier Side
  16. Bounce
  17. Kill Rock 'n' Roll
  18. Lost In Hollywood
  19. Forest
  20. Science
  21. Holy Mountains
  22. Aerials
  23. Tentative
  24. Cigaro
  25. Suite-Pee
  26. War?
  27. Toxicity
  28. P.L.U.C.K. [with Sartarabad]
  29. Sugar


  • Format: MP4
  • Size: 1,45 GB
  • Chapters: No
  • Menu: No
  • Type: Handcam Center
  • Lenght: 00:22:46
  • Resolution: 1280:720
  • Video Quality: A-
  • Audio Quality: A-


  1. B.Y.O.B.
  2. Needles
  3. Science
  4. Aerials
  5. Cigaro
  6. Suite-Pee
  7. Toxicity